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Student Housing

Students and Parents are demanding better quality accommodations and they are willing to pay for it. If you look to the US and some of their campus' you can see the potentials in terms of size and quality of accommodations. 

Universities have been seeing an average of 2% enrollment increases over the last 5 years. For the 2013/2014 academic year Universities across Canada announced a full time enrollment of 837,947 undergraduates and 151,410 graduates, totaling 989,357 coming in just under 1 million full time students. From this total, Universities are also attracting international students who pay full price for education which helps with the overall operating budgets of Universities. Across Canada 12.4% of all students attending a Canadian University are from outside of Canada. That represents over 123,000 students. More popular Universities have international students representing 20 to 25% of their total enrollment.

Many Canadian students are also attending Universities that are outside their home towns University acts as a first step to independence and good quality accommodations represent the first apartment. Parents and Students want accommodations that are convenient, safe and cater to their educational needs. 

What this trend means to investors, simply put as the interest for Education is increasing and Parents and Students want quality accommodations the interest in Purpose Built Off-Campus Student Housing has increased.

Now not every student will require accommodations but we know that at least 550,000 students were looking for accommodations across Canada and the Universities can only provide a bed for one in five.

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Syndicate Mortgages

A syndicated mortgage is where several investors join together to create a specific mortgage. Each investor then owns a proportion of the subject mortgage based on the amount of money invested. Every investor has the full face amount of their principal registered in their favour at the Land Registry Office (administered by the Government of Ontario) with a lien/charge as their collateral.

When you invest in a Syndicated Mortgage, you do not acquire shares or units that change or fluctuate in value (e.g. mutual funds, segregated funds, stocks, REIT’s). Instead your principal is secured against real property while you enjoy a steady return on your funds.

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